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Nov 28

This week we have a clip from a classic film called ‘Big’. In this scene we see two men in a toy shop who find a floor piano to play.

I think this might be something Mr Toyne and myself will have to try!

Nov 28

This week we have a Devonshire favourite! Here are pentatonix taking us through the evolution of music, from the 11th Century to present day.

Which era of music is your favourite and why?

Nov 14

This week at Devonshire it is friendship week and what better song to listen to than this!

In the 90’s everyone loved a TV programme called ‘Friends’ (just ask your teachers and parents!) The theme song was all about being there for your friends.

Let’s show everyone what amazing friends we can be not just this week, but all year round!

Oct 24

This week we have a piece by a film composer called John Williams. He has written lots of music for films such as, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Superman.

However this week, with it being so close to Halloween we have Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter.

Oct 18

Week 5 already of our music blog! This week………MUSICALS! Now I am a very big fan of a musical, ideally we would all break into regular song and dance routines at Devonshire.

Today we have a performance from the new ‘Aladdin Musical’ based on the 1992 disney film.

Do you have a favourite musical? Have you ever been to see a musical? Let me know in the comments.

Oct 10

This week we have the same song sung by two different artists in two different styles.

The song is called ‘Eleanor Rigby’

First the song is performed in a rock and roll style by The Beatles.

Next the song is performed in a soul style by Aretha Franklin.

Comment below which version you prefer and why.

Oct 03

This is Toby Lee, he is 11 years old and plays guitar.
In this video he has the chance to play live at the London Palladium, keep watching because Toby might just get a surprise!

This just goes to show if you work hard and put the effort in, amazing things will happen!

Sep 26

The song for this week is a classic…….just ask your teacher!

Mmmm-Bop, this time sung by an acapella group called The Sons of Pitches. Last year they won an acapella choir competition on BBC 2.

This week for the chance to win 2 merits each in your class, can you name all 10 genres of music they cover in this song.

The first class to comment with the correct answer will win!

Good Luck Devonshire!

Sep 19

The first song to get us all going this week is…….

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling!

What a great, uplifting song to get you in a great mood.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Miss Weszka

Sep 11

Hello Devonshire!

This blog will be used for all things musical!

Look out for a new music video posted on here every Monday morning for your class to enjoy that week.

Choir and instrument lesson information will also be posted on here.

Let’s make this year the most musical year at Devonshire ever!