Sep 19

The first song to get us all going this week is…….

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling!

What a great, uplifting song to get you in a great mood.

Enjoy your week everyone!

Miss Weszka

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  1. Jessica J
    8:30 am - 9-24-2016

    I can stop the feeling of no choir with you 🙁

  2. Jessica J
    8:31 am - 9-24-2016

    But guess what… UNITY HAS A CHIOR 🙂

    • Miss Weszka
      11:20 am - 9-25-2016

      We all miss you too Jessica! This year our choir has 65 children……65!!!
      I hope you have joined Unity’s choir, let me know if you do any performances because Miss Langley and I would love to come watch!

      Have a fab week at school

      Miss Weszka

  3. Jessica J
    7:09 pm - 9-28-2016

    I will miss you xxx

  4. Jessica J
    7:06 pm - 10-4-2016

    Are choir has 57 year 1 to 11’s please let me know if you have any performances to.

  5. Jessica J
    6:47 pm - 10-19-2016

    I mite be starting to play the piano again 🙂

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